The Story of Brew

'Twas a hot August night in the newest millennium when Dr. Scott "Styxx" Ray started jammin' with other rockin Docs and musical misfits on a semi-regular basis. Musicians floated in and faded out until late 2003 when Dr. Dave "The Ripper" Berry made an appearance to play with the miscreants. In short order Ripper’s roarin' axe chopped through the waste, clearing the way for the incarnation of Strange Brew.

After several studio jam sessions the Brew Crew decided to go public by takin' it to the stage.

Strange Brew debuted the long-storied "One Night/One Set" show at the now defunked Dunedin Martini Bar, shattering attendance records while drinking the bar dry in May 2004.

Beaucoup bar gigs, benefits, corporate bashes, festivals, and fabulous fans have witnessed the band's evolutionary fluxation.

As the line up has seen musicians come and go the Strange Music has remained the same. It was in the winter of 2010 that the Groove would change........there was no blues Bag pipes so shortly after the band enlisted a Saxophone; rounding out what is now The Strange Nation.

Stay tuned for more rapacious rock, bodacious blues, and feverish funk as Strange Brew continues........