Le ` Krewe of Brew

Lead guitar & vocals:

The Ripper (Dr. Dave Berry)  grew up outside of Philadelphia, and was raised by a southern mama on fried chicken, biscuits, and black-eyed peas.

The guitar entered Ripper’s life in the form of a Harmony acoustic obtained with Green Stamps from a local Acme market.

Grandma Ester Berry was a vaudeville singer, who played the Lester upright piano after Sunday dinner. She sang songs only on the black keys.

The Ripper was influenced by British invasion bands, Chicago blues, James Brown, and James Hendrix.

Dr. Berry enjoys making guitars from spare parts and has an extensive collection of Leo Fender inspired six-strings which clutter his converted garage music room.

Most of the time he can be found at his day job as a general and vascular surgeon in, or around Room 5 at Mease Countryside Hospital. If not there, The Ripper might be spotted tweaking his golf swing at a local driving range.

He’s also been sighted at various bay area bar band venues in search of the “perfect” guitar tone.

Dr. Dave "The Ripper” Berry describes Strange Brew as “a cast of characters thrown together by happenstance, and a fairly decent garage band”.

Saxophone: www.saxophoneclassique.com

Reeds (Susan Stroehlen) is a multi-dimensional musician. She largely comes from a classical background; earning a degree in Music from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA. Although her studies were of artists like Marcel Mule and Jean-Marie Londiex she often included the music of David Sanborn, Grover Washington, Chuck Mangione and Stan Getz.

Susan is constantly looking to improve her craft and doesn't compromise while doing so. Not only does she moisten her reeds with the Tears of Indians, she does not subject the earth or the people that inhabit it to unworthy reeds and/or excessive reed waste...she eats the reeds she doesn't like. Susan is of the very cane that projects her craft.

Her experience is constant, broad and strong. Susan can be heard within various quartet/quintet chamber music groups yet is quite at home in contemporary surroundings. She's performed in national big bands, off/ Broadway shows, countless theatres...working with such greats as Phil Woods, Nick Brignola, Fredrick Hemke, Chris Vidala and touring with the International F&J artist Greg Josephs.

“Susan’s tone and style is from that of a heavily rooted rain forest. Deep, diverse and woven into the fabric of the Earth...only the heart of a new born contains more purity.” --- Jazz Today --- January 2011

Bass & vocals:

G (Greg Dollmont) Born in the Great White North and later living in Europe and the US...he is largely inspired from a variety of musical instruments and styles. G finely and currently settled on Bass and Rhythm.

He attended the Munc School of Music and has performed with Carmine Appice, Vivian Campbell, and Dave Spitz of Black Sabbath.

After a brief Asian ricksha tour with Tiffany, G did a stint with the original Archies reunion band until he depleted their supply of bubble gum and "Sugar Sugar".

G enjoys family, shaving, shaving family and macrame'.


Keyboards & vocals:

The Professor (Patrick Conway)  was born at an early age. Raised in the bayous of Amish country in Pennsylvania he learned to play swamp-boogie piano and wear black and white.

The Professor’s magical musical adventures encompass playing trombone and baritone horn for a variety of circus and Sicilian concert bands. He spent 3 years touring with a top 40 show band, playing keyboards and horns, before settling in Florida.

The Professor has been a member of various Tampa Bay area bands including The Mix, Solstice, and The Quivering Rhythm Hounds prior to jumping into the seething cauldron of Strange Brew.


Styxx (Dr. Scott Ray)  is the founding member of Strange Brew.

He began his journey as a trap-man in 1963 on a set of white pearl Ludwigs, in a feckless attempt to imitate Ringo Starr. Some say, to this day, Ringo has no idea who Styxx is.

Under the tutelage of Big Band drummer George "Bones" Bacon, Styxx slowly cultivated a modicum of "soul" as the feel of "da beat" gripped his.

Styxx double digs the ginormous grooves that allow him to float on in satisfaction being "that skinny-assed white boy" sittin' in the back pounding on the skins.


Multi-Percussion & Vocals:

J-Beaux (Jeff Ray) has been a long time friend and periodic player with The Strange Brew Band. His skills as a percussionist have been sought after, within the music industry, for many years. Appearing with such artists as Marcus Parker, Anthony Berkins, Alisha Madding and the international recording artist Capitol T.

J-Beaux lived in Vietnam where he was studying the multi-cultural and diverse musical structure of Southeast Asian countries. After only a few short months he was invited to record, and then later tour with the up and coming talent Pa'enis. The steady, colorful stream of melodies blended well with J-Beaux's Afro Cuban stylings. His recording of the album - Afronam - and short tour schedule was interrupted by a calling home. Although earning him a nomination, the Reverend J-Beaux returned to the USA.

We are proud to reunite with a great musician and our good friend.